armat groupThe Armat Group, founded in 2008 in London, embodies the synthesis of the international experience and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder president, Jean-Paul Gut.

The investment fund aims to develop a novel support system, committed to sustainable and innovative business and growth. The expertise of the Armat Group envelopes three areas: private equity, real estate and asset backed financing.


The Armat Group’s mission is to support international companies with both small and medium capitalization opportunities, to open new markets and partnerships and to sustain their innovative business models. Based on the unique and strong relationships with management teams of these companies, the group implements its strategies both medium and long term.
The Armat Group invests in innovative and internationally oriented industries such as those involved in luxury, energy, media and telecommunications, defense, aerospace and education.


The Armat Group operates in the major European markets of the sector: London, Paris, Germany, Italy and Spain, but have been gradually extending their reach to Asia and America. The group’s strategy is “Core Plus,” focused on the acquisition of real estate (hotels, retail and offices) with the development potential for medium and long term.


The Armat Group invests in solid, structured and reliable assets. Staying within this perspective, the aviation industry serves a key role: the Armat teams have a higher knowledge of all the specifics of this sector being less subject to market fluctuations.
The group is also positioned in the areas of infrastructure, energy and agribusiness.

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